Central American Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

September 26th, 2010

Fall Dinner Buffet

Cochinita Pibil
Slow Roasted Pork Wrapped in Banana Leaves

Masa stuffed with Beans and Cheese
Served with Queso Fresco and Spicy Slaw

Polo En Pipian Verde
Coriander-Braised Chicken
With a Pumpkin Seed-Tomatillo Sauce

Nopales Asada
Grilled Cactus

Frijoles Negros
Black Beans

Arroz Especiado
Rice Cooked with Mexican Spices

Marinated Cabbage
Red & Green Cabbages, Carrots, Garlic, Chilies
Marinated with Vinegar, Sugar and Salt

Salsa Verde
Tomatillo Salsa

Salsa Roja
Roasted Tomato & Chile Salsa

Tortillas & Chips
Agua Fresca

Tres Leches Cake
Served with Seasonal Fruit