Summer Bastille Day Party

September 26th, 2010

Heavy Appetizer Buffet

Beef Bourguignon Skewers
Skewered Beef Cubes, Carrots, Pearl Onions, Mushrooms and Garlic marinated in Burgundy Wine and Braised in a Bacon-Tomato Gravy

Inside out French Onion Soup
Scooped French Dinner Rolls filled with French Onion Soup and Crispy Melted Cheese

Pommes Frites with Roasted Garlic Aioli
French Fries with Fresh Roasted Garlic Aioli

Artichoke-Leek Goat Cheese Mini-Quiche
Tartlets filled with Artichokes, Leeksand a Goat Cheese Custard

Duck, Pistachio, and Cherry Terrine
House-Made Terrine served with Brioche Toast Points

Mushroom Pate
Crimini and Porcini mushrooms with Roasted Peppers  and Almonds with Brioche Toast

Sandwich of Ham and Cheese
Bleu d’auvergne and Crème Fraiche topped with
Thinly Sliced French Ham, Comte Cheese and Plums on a French Baguette

Brie en Croûte with Caramelized Onions & Dates
French Brie topped with Caramelized Onions and Dates wrapped in Puff Pastry
Niçoise Eggs
Hard-Boiled Egg Whites stuffed with Flaked Tuna, Niçoise Olive, Egg Yolk Puree amd Fingerling Potato Chips; Served on a bed of lightly Sautéed Haricot Verts

Poached Nectarines with Golden Berry Soup
Nectarines poached in Mint Syrup, floating in a Soup of Golden Raspberry Puree

Mini Chocolate Croissants
French Macaroons
Pastique Irve (Drunken Watermelon)
Watermelon marinated in Beaujolais Nouveau Wine